CRX MAX + Website


Every agency can benefit from having a professional website that will collect online leads and turn them into reservations.

Make an impact with a powerful agency website. Connected to the CRX Booking Engine, this digital asset, if used wisely, will increase your reservation pipeline.

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OK, So How Does it Work?
Our team of experts have created professional, responsive ( mobile friendly ) website layouts, from which you can choose. Once you see the options, it will help you focus on the one you feel most relevant to your agency. From there we we will match it with your agency colors and fonts.

You will either give us an old website to renew – in this case initial content will be examined and ultimately be taken from the old, and transferred to the new. If you don’t have an existing content you will be requested to write the content for your website.

At the same time, Our CRX Booking Engine experts will connect your rental management system from the other end – so once all is connected you will be able to see the whole picture in our CRX Reservation Manager Dashboard next to all of your other online reservation channels.

Set-up time: 10-30 days from application

The cost is $249 ( CRX MAX) + $150 ( Website)
*1 year commitment – no setup fees.
*Hosting included.
*Domain registration not included, see MAX + Website SoW

Here’s a selection of the templates to choose from:

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