A few points that may help you understand the CRX Booking engine better.

Is CRX a complete car rental software and booking engine?

CRX Booking Engine is a complete Booking and Quote engine with multiple locations, models, classes, groups and service/product lines.  Connected to the Travel Partner Network, it can be a very powerful reservation source for your agency.

Can i operate CRX Booking engine from anywhere at anytime?

Yes, our applications are live 24/7 and are web-based, everything can be accessed in a web browser.
as long as you have internet access and a browser window open, you are good do go!

Does your system allow different user roles and access rights?

We have the following user roles:  Regular User and Master User. Master users are able to create, change or delete other users.

On the other hand we have the following access levels: Group, Company or Location.

Does your system have complete front end publishing solution? 

All the booking websites are hosted on our servers and the users have access to the following sections of the site:

<head/>: withing the <head> and </head> sections

header: from the <body> tag to the beginning of the reservation system

footer: from after the reservation system to the </html> tag

Everything inside the forms on the rental pages can only be updated by us.

Also, you can upload and include external files like JS, CSS or images and choose from a limited number of color schemes.


Can CRX car rental booking engine integrate with Wordpress?

We are working on a WordPress Plugin to allow our agencies to easily integrate our Rental Center into their WP sites including all information entered into the back office management regarding vehicles (families, groups, models, features, etc.)

With that said,  our CRX car rental booking engine can be integrated into any site as described in the CRX Max membership plan for Private Label sites.


Does CRX Booking Engine support Check-in & Check out of vehicles?

At the moment our system is only centered to online reservations, nothing post-reservations. 

We do know a few 😉 Contact us and we will be happy to recommend.

Does CRX Booking Engine support multiple locations? Languages?

We support multiple locations and we don't charge extra for it. The system is in english, we will expand our language base in the future.


Multiple rates, surcharges and taxes ?

Our rates management setup is very flexible.

CRX Booking Engine supports multiple rate/price types and period management/seasonality (Different rates for different models and time periods - minutes, hours, weekdays/weekends/months). And also supports different tax rates based on geographical locations.



Discounts, promotional codes and coupons?

We handle them all.

Automatic late fee calculation?

We do not have this feature at the moment. 

What are the payment options CRX car rental software offer

We currently support PostPaid (pay at pickup) and PrePaid (pay at booking).      

The system is accepting only online payments through a Payment Gateway, e.g. Authorize.Net. 

Customer Login/My Page ? Yes

We offer a Member section where the renters can view, modify or cancel their reservations. 

Booking confirmation to customer?     

CRX Booking Engine backend system automatically sends a pre-defined booking confirmation email branded with your logo in it to customer.

How does the multiple network connection work?

During the first step of your signup process in the membership plans page - you will be asked to choose which networks to connect with. we suggest to apply to all of them. at the moment there are 4 main networks and more are being added as the Partner Network grows.
Learn out more about the networks