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How Does the CRX Booking engine Work?

The CRX Booking Engine supports your reservation center and in the client dashboard you will be able to control every item and section, inventory, locations, pricing policies and more…

The CRX booking engine is a complete A-Z  reservations/lead generation solution for any size agency. Through the CRX MAX plan you can integrate the Car Rental Express Booking Engine seamlessly into your current website, allowing consumers to browse, compare, and rent your inventory with a few clicks of the mouse.

CRX Modules

The modules that make up the CRX Booking Engine, including Locations, Vehicles and more.

Website Integration

Whether you are an individual operator or a large franchise, the CRX Rental Center adapts to meet your needs.

CRX Travel Networks

Your inventory is now available to the world. Read how all CRX users gain access to our CRX Travel Network like Kayak, Momondo and

CRX Manager

Control your entire system from the comfort of CRX Manager, our powerful configuration interface.

RMS Compatibility

The CRX Booking Engine is compatible with most popular Rental Management/Reservation Systems and can be connected directly to your operation system. This will save you time in updating your inventory manually. Checkout the CRX PRO membership.

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The CRX Booking engine is based on 5 modules that handle all aspects of your data. 

Rental Center Module

This module is the heart of CRX engine. It enables renters to get real-time rate quotes and book reservations in a secure, online environment. It will maximize your conversion of Internet lookers to bookers.

Vehicles Module

This module includes a fleet overview page. Each vehicle detail page is unique, and includes the vehicle’s standard features, a gallery of images of the vehicle, and custom description.

Rental Policies Module

Policies can be made visible to your renters based on location, vehicle or rate code. Rental policies are also included in the renter’s reservation notification e-mail.

Specials or Coupons Module

This module presents graphical or text-based discount coupons to the user, where users can read or print the offer. Coupons can be linked to dynamic discounts and be applied directly to the renter’s rate quote during the reservation process.

Locations Module

Your customers need to find you. This module displays all your rental locations organized by region. Each location can include basic information, contact details, hours of operation, and an interactive map.

CRX Rental Center Module

This comprehensive module is the beating heart of CRX Booking Engine.

Here are a few powerful features included in the Rental Center Module:

Rate Quotes

  • Rate Quote Engine: Robust, customizable filters, for location, vehicle type, reservation source, rental length, geographic restrictions, driver’s age, corporate and special rate codes.
  • Upfront Pricing, Every Time: Renters see the full price of their rental throughout the Revolution reservation process. The total pricing display allows renters to view their rental cost with mandatory fees, taxes, and extras included.
  • Rate Quote Saving: Renters can save or e-mail themselves a rate quote at any point during their rental, increasing return visits and completed reservations.
  • 4-tier Availability Control: Rate settings are available for confirmed reservation, reservation request, info inquiry, and unavailable rentals.
  • Rate Administration: Allows management of rental rates both seasonally, or by calendar day.
  • Promotional Rates: Allows you to create unique rate offerings for special groups, coupon holders, travel agents, corporate clients, insurance agents and more
  • Flexible Time Units: Create package rates, weekend rates, pro-rated daily rates, holiday rates, and more. Revolution’s rules engine ensures that the renter gets the right quote.
  • Insurance and equipment options: Charges are presented to the renter in their rate quote. Taxes and mandatory fees are included in the total price.

Advanced Configuration Features

  • Inquiries: Renters can request more information about any vehicle rental after they’ve received a rate quote. Inquires are immediately stored in Revolution for viewing.
  • Vehicle Rules: Set credit card requirements, age requirements, rental length minimums and maximums, and more.
  • Age Restrictions: Create age ranges and unique underage charges, for automatic inclusion in the renter’s rate quote.
  • One Way Rental Controls: Administer one way rental rules and drop-off charges.

Customizations, Notifications and Messages

  • Notification E-mails: Create customized, automatic notification e-mails to renters for booked reservations, inquiries, and reminders of upcoming reservations.
  • Messages and Disclaimers: Revolution allows you to enter messages during the rental process, to inform renters of special restrictions, procedures, or any other information, to save hassles at the rental counter.
  • Customizable Reservation Form: Select the information your company requires from the renter in order to secure their reservation.

Propel your online presence by integrating the CRX Rental Center and other data pages seamlessly into your website with our Rental Center – Website Integration. Whether you are an individual operator or a large franchise, CRX Rental Center can scale to meet your business’s needs.

CRX Booking Engine at your website

CRX Booking Engine at your website

How Does the CRX Private Label Website Integration Work

Getting Started

After you’ve purchased the CRX Booking Engine, ExpressITech will set up a “blank slate” reservation system for your company; this is called your CRX Private Label. The Rental Center and all related content are installed on a unique subdomain (e.g., and hosted by ExpressITech. You can view your Rental Center by visiting this website address through your Internet browser at any time during the integration process.

Customizing the CRX Rental Center

Using CRX Manager’s Rental Center Console, you can seamlessly match the look and feel of CRX Engine to your current website. This process requires web development skills, including HTML and CSS.

If you need assistance to customize your CRX Private Label, ExpressITech web development team provides this service at no charge.  This process requires web development skills, including HTML and CSS. Once rates are entered in the CRX Manager, website integration can take as little as one day.

Activating the CRX Engine on Your Website

Each CRX Module is found under a unique website address. For example, the Vehicles module will be accessible at You can pick and choose which Modules you want to use by linking your website to them. Typically, your website’s main navigation menu will link to the Rental Center Rates Search, Vehicles, Locations and Rental Policies pages. Our staff will assist you in creating all needed site links at no charge.

Another popular integration option is to place CRX Quick Rates form on your homepage, so renters can quickly search for rates and vehicles for their selected itinerary.

If you require changes to your existing website to accommodate your new CRX Private Label, we’d be happy to help. If you are interested in further development on your site, or a complete redesign, please contact us for a custom quote.

After you join the Car Rental Express program, visitors to that site will be able to rent your cars and vans.

Each CRX Travel Network is a popular site in the travel industry or system that searches the CRX database for vehicle inventory and presents your vehicles to its website visitors or booking agents.

Learn more about our CRX Travel Network Partners 

CRX Manager is a powerful configuration tool for administering the system features and integration with your website. It has an intuitive user interface, with a clean layout and useful templates for easy implementation.

Explore a few key features of CRX Manager:

CRX Booking Engine Configuration

Administer locations, vehicle rates, policies, hours of operation and modules of CRX Booking Engine.

Manage your rental locations, addresses, maps, and contact information.

Rental Center
Manage your rental rates, mileage, availability, extra charges and more.

Hours of Operation
Set hours of operation, special drop-off hours, and after hours pickups and drop-offs.

Manage your vehicles, descriptions, features and images.

Rental Policies
Manage your rental policies, restrictions and special rates.

Manage travel agents, affiliate program, FAQs and more.


View reservation reports, system usage, conversion rates, website analytics, quote and inquiry reports and more.

CRX Statistics
View reservation statistics and conversion statistics by month.
Reservation Spreadsheet
Reservation reports by date, location and source. You can also modify reservations.

CRX Technical Support

Help notes throughout the system have been written by vehicle rental experts. Let them guide you through a terrific online rental system configuration, aimed at maximum renter conversion.

CRX engine is compatible with most popular Rental Management/Reservation Systems.