General Overview

Our proven track record servicing the independent car rental sector for over 18 years includes 3 main categories:

CRX Booking Engine
Enable renters to book real-time, online reservations at your company’s website. This system generates rich streamlined, flexible Rental Center web pages, designed to convert online visitors into renters.
CRX is the only car rental website on the Internet that is dedicated to Independent agencies, local operators and mid-tier franchises. CRX agencies are presented over the Internet to a global renter base and there are 100,000s of visitors to the site each month. Getting your company listed on Car Rental Express is easy! Our web browser-based user interface,
CRX Manager makes it easy to enter agency vehicles and rate data. Compatibility with your existing RMS is an option. There are no additional software start-up costs.

CRX Travel Networks
Expand your rental business online with our popular CRX Travel Network Programs. See your inventory at Kayak and other sites. Our CRX Travel Network Websites are a powerful extension of the CRX Booking Engine.  Our software presents your company vehicles to global website visitors, allowing them to browse your rental fleet, get rate quotes, and ultimately book reservations online.

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Use the  quality images by eVox at no extra cost, allowing your vehicles to always look neat and clean.

Harry Hollander

Owner of Action Car Rental

Over 20 years working with CRX, the best team, perfect solution.

In 2001 I started Action Car Rental. We knew that in order to succeed we will need a presence on the internet and the ability for potential customers to be able to reserve their cars on our website. I was introduced to Stan Levy, owner of CRX/EIT, through a good friend who was already a customer of CRX/EIT. After some negotiation CRX/EIT agreed to take us on as a customer and to be a member of the CRX/EIT family.
At that moment we felt we were on the way to success.
CRX/EIT gave us multiple areas of support. From Reservations Engine, to Website Development, to Search Engine Optimization, CRX/EIT was the go to company for us. As we grew and CRX/EIN grew and expanded we never felt growth pains from them. Stan and later on Robyn, his daughter, have continuously been involved in our success. In trying times and in times of stress CRX/EIT has always been just a phone call away with ideas and helpful suggestions. In 18 years of doing business with CRX/EIT I can honestly say that the Levy family and their staff have always put us and our success as a priority. They run their business with Honesty, Dependability, and Reliability.
CRX/EIT has always been a partner in our success. I thank them very much for almost 20 years of friendship and support.
I recommend them highly.