Renter Rated

the car rental agency standard for collecting and presenting real customer rental experiences active for over 15 years

Renter Rated is a Program developed by Car Rental Express that provides your renters with the opportunity to share their rental experiences. At the end of their rental, renters are encouraged to rate your agency based on 9 criteria. All renters’ ratings are tallied – the more ratings your agency has, the more reliable the star rating value you will have. Categories of service can have ratings up to 5 stars (exceptional).

Ratings are the way to earn and maintain renter loyalty

Consumer Confidence:

It is important that new renters have the opportunity to know about your company before committing to a rental. If they see that past customers had a great rental experience with your agency, they will be more likely to go ahead and book with you.

Business Metrics:

Your agency may get fantastic ratings on some criteria while only barely passing others. This is a great tool for you to use to see where you are thriving and conversely, where you need to make changes. Customers are not shy – and since the Renter Rated Program allows some anonymity, renters will be inclined to be truthful in their ratings. This metric can only help your agency grow.