Website Integration

Power up your website with the CRX Booking engine

Propel your online presence by integrating the CRX Booking Engine, Rental Center and other data pages seamlessly into your website with our CRX Rental Center – Website Integration. Whether you are an individual operator or a large franchise, the CRX Booking Engine can scale to meet your business’s needs.

How Does the Private Label Website Integration Work

Getting Started

Once you’ve chosen your membership plan, Car Rental Express will set up a “blank slate” CRX Booking Engine for your company, this is called your  Rental Center. The Rental Center and all related content are installed on a unique subdomain (e.g., and hosted by Car Rental Express. You can view your Rental Center by visiting this website address through your Internet browser at any time during the integration process.

Customizing the CRX Booking Engine

Using CRX Manager’s Rental Center Console, you can seamlessly match the look and feel of the CRX Booking Engine to your current website. This process requires web development skills, including HTML and CSS.

If you need assistance to customize your CRX Private Label, Car Rental Express web development team provides this service at no charge. We will match your Rental Center to your website’s current layout, styles, colors and images. Once rates are entered in the CRX Booking Engine the website integration can take as little as one day.

Activating the CRX Booking Engine on Your Website

Each CRX Booking Engine Module is found under a unique website address. For example, the Vehicles module will be accessible at You can pick and choose which Modules you want to use by linking your website to them. Typically, your website’s main navigation menu will link to the Rental Center Rates Search, Vehicles, Locations and Rental Policies pages. Our staff will assist you in creating all needed site links at no charge.

Another popular integration option is to place the CRX Booking Engine’s Quick Rates form on your homepage, so renters can quickly search for rates and vehicles for their selected itinerary.

If you require changes to your existing website to accommodate your new CRX Private Label, we’d be happy to help for a charge of $100 USD / hour. If you are interested in further development on your site, or a complete redesign, please contact us for a custom quote.