Direct Connect Details

How the Renter Books a Reservation with Your Company

Renters begin their Direct Connect search by choosing their travel type: flight, hotel, car rental or cruise. They then enter their itinerary into to the Car Rental search form.

Once the search is submitted, the Car Rental meta-search engine goes to work. In a matter of seconds, each travel operator’s central reservation system is contacted, including the CRX Engine, collecting results that match the renter’s itinerary.

If your company offers vehicle inventory that matches the search request, your agency name, logo and vehicle information will be collected and displayed Directly on the Car Rental search results page.

From there, the renter clicks on a rate, vehicle and company (agency) of their choosing. If they select your car rental company, the renter is forwarded through to CRX Engine Rental Center to complete their reservation. CRX Engine Rental Center also displays other informative web pages including your agency’s logo, vehicle fleet, locations, maps, rental policies and more.

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