Direct Connect Program

Direct Connect (Kayak, Momondo & Autorentals) Program


ExpressITech makes it easy and convenient to capture targeted travel search engine traffic, through the Direct Connect (Kayak) Program.

What is Direct Connect (Kayak)?

Direct Connect (Kayak) uses travel-specific search engines which play a major role in the tourism industry. It helps online vacation planners find the perfect car rental, flight or hotel. Our reservation sources search inventory from thousands of car rental operators like you, every day. Being found through Direct Connect (Kayak) means more brand exposure, more click-thrus, and more reservations for your company.

ExpressITech’s Direct Connect (Kayak) Program enables your company’s vehicle inventory to be searched and displayed at world leading Car Rental search engines, like KAYAK and Momondo. The CRX Engine maintains the technical connection between your company’s vehicle data and the search results, allowing the renters to book on-line without delay.

How Does it Work?

When the renter chooses your company’s rate quote from the travel search results, they link Directly to CRX Engine Rental Center, where the renter completes their reservation with your company. CRX Engine Rental Center also contains informative web pages with your agency’s logo, locations, vehicles, rental policies and more to ensure high conversion from click-through to sale. All your company data is entered by you in Reservation Manager. If you are set up for – CRX, your vehicle data is ready to go.

Pay-Per-Click Pricing

The Direct Connect (Kayak) Program uses primarily a pay-per-click (PPC) model, to help you generate optimum profits. Each click-through is highly qualified traffic; the web visitor has chosen your company and vehicle for rental above the competition. There are no reservation charges, no base monthly charges and no percentage commission fees.

Learn about managing your Click Bank.

Pricing Options: Standard or Private Label

The Direct Connect (Kayak) Program at EIT has two pricing options. In the Private Label Option renter’s click-thrus go directly to CRX Engine Rental Center on your private website. In the Standard Option renters are directed to a page with your company name and logo, on a central CRX Engine Rental Center web site. Your agency profile, fleet and policies appear there too.

  Standard Option Private Label Option
Integration Level Branded with your company name and logo Seamlessly integrated with your website
Core Modules (Rental Center, Vehicles, Locations, Rental Policies)
Other Pages   Complete access to all features and information of your website.
Reservation Manager Administration
Pay-Per-Click Cost $2.90 / clickthru $3.30 / clickthru

Private Label Advantages

The Private Label option sends search results traffic directly to CRX Engine Rental Center on your website. You therefore have total control of the renter’s experience, and a higher chance of converting the click into a reservation. This option increases your site’s traffic and gathers repeat-renters, who may visit your website directly next time.

If you do not currently use CRX Engine Rental Center on your website, but choose the Private Label option, you will also need to purchase a software license for CRX Engine at your Website. You then have the option to use CRX Engine Rental Center on your own website, at no additional charge.

How to Succeed with Direct Connect (Kayak)

It is a simple fact that some agencies do better in Travel Search Results than others. Are you competitive? Up to date? Located at an Airport?

Learn more about succeeding with the Direct Connect (Kayak) Program.

Please note that not agencies who apply for the Direct Connect (Kayak) Program are automatically accepted. Participation in the program is discretionary and may be based on agency location, service history, size of fleet or other factors.

How Do I Join the Direct Connect (Kayak) Program?

Applying is easy. Simply contact our Sales team and they will set-up an order for you, to fill in your contact and secure credit card information in CRX Manager. If you are a new customer, you will be introduced to Reservation Manager, the user interface which enables you to add your company’s vehicle data to our system and generate reports.

Contact: [email protected] or 1-888-557-8188, ext 508

Once you are signed up in Manager, You will also be prompted to go to Network Settings and to Enable the Pay-Per-Click program and select the Standard or Private Label option for payment. You will also be prompted to purchase a block of Clicks and can do so right away or wait for activation. We will set up your account for testing with Direct Connect (Kayak) channels meanwhile.

After you have enabled the program, we send your listing information to Direct Connect (Kayak) partner sites on the first of the next month, to integrate into their search engines. This process is entirely controlled by our partner sites, as fits their business plans. We will advise you when activation has taken place, so that you can purchase clicks.

Participation in the program is discretionary and may be based on agency service history, location, pricing value, size of fleet or other business factors.