Global Traveler

Global Traveler Program

This program is both expensive and requires the highest level of customer service in car rentals. Why would anybody want to join this program?

To Go for Global Travelers!

Capture a client base of well-financed business persons on the go, and families and friends on extended vacations. These two groups of travelers will want high-end vehicles and long-term rentals. These are the car rentals that make your business profitable! We emphasize that you will acquire:

  • Higher dollar value business rentals
  • Longer-term vacation rentals

Note that European travelers will expect All Inclusive Rates, which provide an opportunity to charge for insurance coverage and unlimited mileage. Read more …

How Does It Work?

Your vehicle inventory is already set up in the CRX Engine system that powers and/or your agency’s website. If you meet the program criteria, sign up is fast and easy. We are looking for:

  • Agencies ranked four stars and above, in Renter Ratings
  • Most favorable rental rates and terms
  • Excellence in customer service

What Are Most Favorable Rental Terms?

Here is the concept: your agency will provide its best rental deals, available online or elsewhere, to Global Traveler Program visitors / renters. This includes:

  • A rate equal to your lowest published rates
  • Honoring all rates and commitments
  • Vehicle availability as good as any other offering by your agency
  • A three-hour hold after flight arrival times

Customer Service Requirements

The highest level of customer service is aimed at maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty at all times. Requirements of the program:

  • Courtesy and prompt service are expected
  • Vehicles are to be of the quality advertised, well-maintained, clean, filled with gas, and ready on time
  • If you no longer have a vehicle available, you will provide an equivalent or better vehicle from your fleet, or a nearby outside fleet, at no extra cost to the customer, and with minimum inconvenience
  • There are to be no hidden charges or surprises at the end of the rental, regarding license, insurance, gas, mileage, or any other costs.
  • In the event of any dispute, an amicable solution is sought; guidelines for problem solving are outlined in the program statement of work.
  • It is possible that rental fees may require refund due to a dispute


Post-Paid, or Retail Reservations

Participation in this form of the Global Traveler Program is based on:

  • 21% of time and mileage revenue, post rental (taxes and airport fees are excluded from revenue)
  • A maximum 25% no-show factor, based on revenue each month and requiring timely reporting of such reservation detail

How Can You Join?

Your Renter Rating at must be four stars or better. If your agency is able to provide vehicles under the most favorable terms and with excellent customer service, we are delighted to consider your application. Please contact us at:

[email protected] or 1-888-557-8188, ext 508

Go for Global Travelers!
These are the car rentals that make your business profitable! You will acquire:

  • Higher dollar value business rentals
  • Longer-term vacation rentals